I have been doing B2C Digital Marketing for years and originally became intrigued with B2B practices years ago when I took a contractual position with a company. I see a lot of confusion from people online about the two so I figured why not clarify some of this confusion up. So here is where my research started with B2B marketing practices – My first day on the job at this firm, I did a quick scan of their social media presence and realized the company was missing out on some golden opportunities. It’s an oversight that I believe many companies make but after writing up a detailed report and reading “B2B Digital Marketing” by Michael Miller, I wanted to share some of the information I learned.

First, what do you think of when I say the term “B2B” (Business-to-Business)? Chances are you think of the picture below; one business trying to get another company’s business or one business interacting with another business.

In reality, it’s much more like this picture …with humans. We’re all human and we crave interaction. Buildings don’t talk to each other, humans do so build a relationship and watch that foster into increased traffic, new business relationships, etc.

Second, so I just treat business customers like my everyday average customers that buy my products? Wrong.

B2B Digital Marketing is different than B2C because customers make decisions based off emotion whereas business customers make decisions based off logic. It takes different approaches to appeal to a certain kind of customer. Think about your favorite fast food place. Ok, you’re healthy I get it but honestly just think about a quick fast food place you like to go. Now check out their presence on Twitter. Chances are you’ll see them interacting with their customers: retweeting, replying, “favoriting” tweets, and so on.

Now look at a company, like Pfizer Inc. on Twitter. You see the difference? Pfizer uses Twitter to inform their mix of customers about new clients, awards won, company information and Pfizer still does it with a sense of humor – #LetsGetOld. This is just one B2B approach to digital marketing because just as there are many different social media platforms, there should be different techniques for each one.  Unlike B2C where you are trying to sell a product or appeal to a consumer, B2B strives to create a long-lasting, beneficial relationship with other business customers by showcasing what their company can do for you.

Third, where do I begin? You begin by stepping away from traditional media and realize that digital marketing works in a way that traditional media can’t with B2B. Digital marketing allows for a two-way conversation which means when a potential business customer reaches out via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. you, the company, can respond back and create a conversational relationship. Sure, you may still find traditional media works for you but you can’t talk to a newspaper; well you can, but it doesn’t talk back – trust me.

B2B Digital Marketing is not going away so I encourage anyone interested in social media or digital advertising at all, to check out Miller’s book. It’s a great read and one strong statistic I want to throw out before I end this post is that “71% of B2B purchases started with a web search.” (Marketing Sherpa) That’s a strong figure. So if you’re a company and not targeting other companies with relationship-focused methods using digital marketing techniques, you might want to take a look at some of your competition because chances are they’re following this approach.

Valentine’s Day Memes

If you have any type of social media account, you’ve seen a Valentine’s Day meme by now. Well, I decided to make my own meme this year! Feel free to use it because I believe in a world without coconut and hard chew chocolates. We must stand united and all that other stuff.

Scroll down to see my top 5 fave memes.

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Whether you’re single or in a relationship, you can enjoy Valentine’s Day. I always say February 14th is for couples and February 15th is for singles. On the 14th, chocolates on chocolates are being bought and love is in the air. BUT the day after, all those perfectly packaged chocolates in heart shapes are discounted! YEAH! Stock up if you’re single! Rent your fave movie and surround yourself with your love of chocolate. :)

As always, I like to leave a tip at the end of my posts. All signs point to video this year. In retail, CPG, entertainment and other industries, you will see an increased amount of video placement but as a consumer, you can also join in. Instead of sharing or creating a collage of pictures, you can make a collage of video and pictures. It’s kind of cool. The app is called Flick Stitch and it’s free. Check it out. I’ve used it a few times and it’s just a fun way to incorporate pictures and video into one shareable property.

All Socks Are Not Created Equal

Socks. It’s something we all wear but don’t really think about. We take time to choose our t-shirts, jackets and jeans but no one really sees our socks right? That may be true but Stance Socks is trying to prove otherwise.

I was shopping for school supplies for my final semester in college when I saw a whole display of these socks. Stripes, plaids, bold colors and the varying lengths caught my eye. I bought one pair just to try them out. Plus it didn’t hurt that the socks had my school colors: blue and red.

A quick wash and dry later, I was walking around my apartment in some of the most comfortable socks I had bought in a long time. Even as I’m wearing them today, I can tell the thickness of the cotton will last awhile.

My parents came into town a few weeks later and I bought a pair for my mother. She loves them. I would have bought a pair for my father but he opted for a zip-up with my school’s logo on the front.

Needless to say, I am a big fan of these socks because they are unique, comfortable and 10 pairs later, I might have to move some of my old white socks aside to make room for more Stance Socks. Whenever I wear any of my Stance Socks, I want to take off my shoes and lounge around in my socks. Check out their website here:  Before you know it, you’ll be kickin’ it on your couch with your feet up with a pair of Stance Socks that fits you better than your perfect t.

A true man’s lotion

Ok, I’ll admit the title of this post is a bit strange but I think every guy should take care of himself.  Maybe it’s because I grew up with two sisters and a mother who were very much into the lotions, potions and whatever else girls are into.  I was always taught to look presentable because “you never know who you’re going to see.”

Well, I do take care of myself and one thing I recently discovered to keep me looking good and feeling great is this tube of hand lotion.  I was Christmas shopping for my family the other day when I came across this unique packaging and sampled a bit on my hand.  It smelled like I just setup a bonfire and that smell is so intoxicating.  I quickly snatched one up and for the past three days I have been slathering it on my hands morning/day/night.

It’s not greasy at all and you don’t need a lot.  Those are two key sellers for me.  So If you’re interested in trying it, just click TokyoMilk and you’ll be taken to the company’s page and you add to your shopping bag.

It might make a perfect gift for the guy in your life who is hard to shop for too.  Happy Holidays!