I have been doing B2C Digital Marketing for years and originally became intrigued with B2B practices years ago when I took a contractual position with a company. I see a lot of confusion from people online about the two so I figured why not clarify some of this confusion up. So here is where my research started with B2B marketing practices – My first day on the job at this firm, I did a quick scan of their social media presence and realized the company was missing out on some golden opportunities. It’s an oversight that I believe many companies make but after writing up a detailed report and reading “B2B Digital Marketing” by Michael Miller, I wanted to share some of the information I learned.

First, what do you think of when I say the term “B2B” (Business-to-Business)? Chances are you think of the picture below; one business trying to get another company’s business or one business interacting with another business.

In reality, it’s much more like this picture …with humans. We’re all human and we crave interaction. Buildings don’t talk to each other, humans do so build a relationship and watch that foster into increased traffic, new business relationships, etc.

Second, so I just treat business customers like my everyday average customers that buy my products? Wrong.

B2B Digital Marketing is different than B2C because customers make decisions based off emotion whereas business customers make decisions based off logic. It takes different approaches to appeal to a certain kind of customer. Think about your favorite fast food place. Ok, you’re healthy I get it but honestly just think about a quick fast food place you like to go. Now check out their presence on Twitter. Chances are you’ll see them interacting with their customers: retweeting, replying, “favoriting” tweets, and so on.

Now look at a company, like Pfizer Inc. on Twitter. You see the difference? Pfizer uses Twitter to inform their mix of customers about new clients, awards won, company information and Pfizer still does it with a sense of humor – #LetsGetOld. This is just one B2B approach to digital marketing because just as there are many different social media platforms, there should be different techniques for each one.  Unlike B2C where you are trying to sell a product or appeal to a consumer, B2B strives to create a long-lasting, beneficial relationship with other business customers by showcasing what their company can do for you.

Third, where do I begin? You begin by stepping away from traditional media and realize that digital marketing works in a way that traditional media can’t with B2B. Digital marketing allows for a two-way conversation which means when a potential business customer reaches out via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. you, the company, can respond back and create a conversational relationship. Sure, you may still find traditional media works for you but you can’t talk to a newspaper; well you can, but it doesn’t talk back – trust me.

B2B Digital Marketing is not going away so I encourage anyone interested in social media or digital advertising at all, to check out Miller’s book. It’s a great read and one strong statistic I want to throw out before I end this post is that “71% of B2B purchases started with a web search.” (Marketing Sherpa) That’s a strong figure. So if you’re a company and not targeting other companies with relationship-focused methods using digital marketing techniques, you might want to take a look at some of your competition because chances are they’re following this approach.

The Campaign of My Life

Whether or not it has been my intention, nothing I’ve done in life has been subtle. So why should my job-hunt process be any different? From Seattle, New York and even Paris, TV stations and advertising agencies will receive Press Release Kits about the #HireMike campaign tomorrow morning, Monday, April 15.

The idea for the campaign literally came three days ago when I was thinking about my next move for sending out resumes because I graduate next month. I had only sent out three resumes over the course of a month and the wait was killing me. I am looking for a junior-level/asst. director position in social media so why not use…SOCIAL MEDIA.

As a non-traditional student graduating from one of the top Journalism schools in the country, I am used to putting myself out there with my active school involvement at The University of Kansas but this campaign is a little different. I’ve had friends ask me if I think it will be a success or not and frankly, I don’t know. I know that I have planned and done everything I can to execute this campaign so time will tell. One thing is certain, I am confident enough in my skills to at least attempt this #HireMike campaign.

One thing I hate is when people say that you can’t expect to find your dream job right after your graduate. If that’s the case, then what’s the point of going to college, working hard and stacking up your resume? The truth is you can find your dream job. I mentioned that I am a non-traditional student and while there will be more to come this week about that story, I promised myself that once I came back to college I was going to do everything in my power to succeed. The #HireMike campaign isn’t measured by becoming viral or not but whether I catch the eyes of my dream agency and show just how much I know how to use social media to create engagement, tailor a message for a specific platform and employ creative tactics.

So please wish me luck and don’t forget, #HireMike!

Monday – Campaign begins. (Intro YouTube video, Vine resume (about me), Instagram photos, etc.)
Tuesday – Will talk about how the first day of the campaign went.
Wednesday – Vine resume (skills)
Thursday – Update everyone on status of campaign and if I’ve taken any offers.
Friday – Vine resume (recommendations), public Google hangout to talk about campaign.

Jobs Are Out There, You Need To Be Too

I’m not an expert by any means of finding a job but having originally been in college at the inception of Facebook and before Twitter along with other social network breakthroughs, I have seen first-hand and heard from friends, classmates, teachers just how much the job market has evolved.  I wanted to share my insight.

Companies are taught that if they want to stay competitive, they need to adapt and evolve to what the customers “of today” want.  Why should they not expect the same of us?  The answer is, they should.  If you want a job, it’s time to step up your game, put yourself out there and stand out.  Years ago those words may have meant to follow-up with an e-mail after an interview or a hand-written thank you.  Now and days, it means to follow the company on your social networks, make a connection through LinkedIn (professional social networking website) or finding other avenues to get an employer’s attention.  In the title of this post, I say that jobs are out there and you need to be too.  I don’t mean you need to be out there looking for jobs, I mean you need to be out there and put yourself out of your comfort zone, be creative and be unique.

I was at an Ad Marketing Club meeting about a month ago when we had a guest speaker from a Chicago Portfolio school talk about ways she saw her own students be creative to get in the eyes of employers.  I wanted to share a few just to give you an example.  These may not work in all cases but they are a start to get your brain thinking.

One student was graduating soon and wanted to get a job interview with this technology firm that was a giant in its market.  They were big.  He did research and found out the CEO of the company based here in the states, bought a website domain and used the CEO’s name as the address link.  You know at one point or another you have searched for your name on the Internet to see what comes up so this guy’s reasoning was that it would just be a matter of time before this CEO did the same thing.  When the CEO typed in his name and hit “enter”, the top website was his name on a link.  He clicked it and the only thing on the website read, “It’s pretty fun to search for your own name huh?  You know what else is more fun…hiring me.”

Another job candidate with another firm sent a follow-up email that included the top 5 reasons why they should be hired.  It included funny reasons with a common light-hearted theme.

A last example is how another student made a quick video on why he loved this company and wanted to work for them.  He uploaded it to Twitter, sent it through his feed and within an hour he was contacted for an interview.

Overall, I learned that getting a job today is like dating.  You need to let employer’s know that they are the one for you, why and the length that you’re willing to go to land that first data aka interview.  I mentioned in a previous post that no longer is having a degree good enough.  You have got to really want something, show passion for it and use your mind to find any way possible to get under their radar.  Social networking is a great way to start but don’t forget to turn over every stone, ask your friends, post something on Facebook, put yourself out there.  So if you’re looking for a job soon or even right now, get back to the drawing board, think outside the box and have fun.  I think this way of looking for a job is the best method of ensuring you’ll be doing what you love in a field that you have passion for because there’s no way you’d go the extra mile for a company if you didn’t care about their mission statement or what they stand for.  If you do what you love, you will love what you do.