Three Big Brands Using Social

Social marketing is here to stay and it’s only going to get bigger.


People use social media for many reasons but in my opinion, the common denominator is a connection. The world is crazy, busy, always going but it feels good to say something or have an opinion that someone else can relate to or add to somewhere out there. The brands I’m going to talk about understand this idea but each one also has its own approach based on its purpose.

1.) Pfizer “Get Old” #LetsGetOld

No one likes to think of getting old. But why? In my opinion, we’re scared to talk about it. Ignoring or shying away from situations doesn’t make things better but instead it makes you anxious for what’s to come.

Pfizer, a pharmaceutical company, came along and started the conversation in a non-intrusive manner. Not only did Pfizer get people of all ages talking about getting old but it worked with other leading organizations, like National Alliance for Caregiving Association, Men’s Health Network, Society for Women’s Health Research and more to help add to the conversation.

Pfizer isn’t pushing its products but instead becoming an authoritative voice (or thought leader) in the “aging” space. Sure, there’s AARP and other organizations dedicated to the more mature, but Pfizer included everyone in this campaign, used multiple touch points and lightened the mood around aging. Some examples of what people were saying range from “I want to stay healthy for my two daughters”, “I plan to get old with joy, strength and vigor” or “I want to get old having fun.”

Originally started by SS+K (Shepardson, Stern & Kaminsky) agency with an integrated approach. Current AOR: Edelman continues with its PR efforts.

Platforms: Twitter, Facebook

2.) Lowe’s “Fix in Six” #LowesFixInSix

Who hasn’t been picking up or cleaning when you thought to yourself, “Ugh, there’s got to be a better way to do this!”

Lowe’s, a retail home improvement store, showed us how we can turn every day items into problem solvers through video. BBDO worked with Lowe’s to create Vines (six second videos) and with the promotional hashtag #LowesFixInSix.

Some of my favorite tips include using a hair dryer to get rid of stickers on purchased items, lemon juice to get rust stains off knives or pillow cases to house your sheet sets.

Again, the company isn’t dominantly pushing its product but hopes to come to the top of your mind next time you think of doing some home improvement. And hey, if you need some home improvement materials why not head to Lowe’s? It’s a non-forced entry into our every day lives and it’s helpful information. Win win.

Agency: BBDO and Meagan Cignoli

Platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Vine

3.) Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts is a brand that is just doing it right all around. I remember my senior year in my Social Media in Strategic Communication class, we organized ourselves in groups to work on a final project. Each group chose a brand and created a mock social plan. While our group chose CPG (consumer product goods) and certainly noticed Dunkin’ Donuts in this space, we went with one of its competitors for two reasons: we wanted to show through our research that we acknowledged an area of weakness, had a solution and gave examples of execution. Plus we like a challenge.

I wanted to tell that brief story because Dunkin’ Donuts has the reigns of their social engagement from Facebook, Twitter, Vine, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and counting. What makes them stand out is the fun nature of its engagement.

Dunkin’ Donuts uses campaigns like any other brand would, such as #MyDunkin, but the personal or thoughtful posts of people sharing stories or experiences around Dunkin’ Donuts continues with or without these campaigns. Pictures of products, videos of recipes, and personal stories are just some of the ways the brand draws you in and gets you to take notice.

So there you have some of the top brands I’ve been noticing in social media. Remember to have fun with it!

What I’ve Learned – Day 3 & 4

Do your research. Just as you would do your research on a proposal to a potential client, research who you’re tweeting at because there might be a commonality that you can use to engage the person on the other end of that “@.”

Below are some bullet points to further describe things I’ve learned:

• It takes a team to run a campaign. I have constantly realized that I’m lucky to have good friends in the J-School to help me with ideas, execution and planning. I could not do it alone.
• Creative minds never stop thinking. I haven’t been sleeping much because of school, work, homework, my #HireMike campaign, etc. but none of it mattered. I knew I wanted to do this so if you really want something, stay with it. Don’t give up.
• Get back in touch with previous contacts. Remember that person you met at the career fair or met at the agency visit. Don’t be afraid to e-mail or call them out of the blue.
• Always pay it forward. I get asked a lot from many different people questions about social media or internships. I was in your shoes once. I’m happy to share my knowledge. If you’re reading this, do the same because it’s all about staying connected with the right people.
• Keep at it. I can’t say enough how much work this has been but I’ve made some great connections I wouldn’t have made otherwise. Seriously. You never know whose eye you will catch.
• Have fun! If you’re not having fun, don’t bother.

Thank you so much to everyone for all the support! Tomorrow will be my final day of #HireMike. I’ve had some potential opportunities but nothing final yet. Nothing may even be final for a few weeks but I do know I’m having the time of my life and can’t wait to look back years from now about this crazy experience I went through!

If you want to chat about the campaign, have questions for me personally, or who knows – maybe even interview me, catch my public Google Hangout tomorrow, Friday 19 @ 11 a.m. CST. My username is Call me! Not maybe, but just call me!

What I’ve Learned – Day 2

The campaign had a slow start the first day but the second day was a completely different story. All it takes is persistence, trust in your skills and a creative approach. I realized a few things that changed how I ran my campaign the second day:

• My messages were too dull and boring. I needed to spice them up. Ex: I created a YouTube video of me “flashing” everyone with my #HireMike sign in the background.
• I played on the fact that President Barack Obama was canceling his visit to KU this Friday but that he still supported my #HireMike campaign.
• At a networking event with another club on campus, I recorded a Vine video of everyone saying “Hire Mike.” Great bunch of people.
• Created a list of people to target but sent messages individually or up to two of them at a time so I created a personal conversation without blasting five people at once.
• Organized messages based on time of day.
• And lastly remembered to still be myself. Even though I was promoting #HireMike, I didn’t want to forget I was still a friend to many on Twitter so I remembered to tweet my friends and reply to others. I’m still me but I just happen to be promoting #HireMike right now.

If you want to see the success of my campaign from yesterday, Day 2, here’s a snapshot!

I’m excited for what Day 3 brings!

What I’ve Learned – Day 1

Any campaign takes a lot of work! Period.

Here are some bullet points of what I’ve learned:
• Mass tweets to more than three people at a time promoting you, seem impersonal. Highly target your tweets and create a conversation.
• Create a content calendar but don’t be afraid to move things around. Social media moves fast and so should changes to your messages and tactics.
• Pay attention to breaking news. No one wants to hear about you while there is a bigger, timelier issue going on in your country.
• Recruit people you’d hire.
• Be a man of your word. If you’re going to promise something, deliver.
• Be ballsy. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Some people will get it, some won’t but the if you’ve reached the ones that get it then you’ve done it.

There is so much more I want to type here but in order to keep the campaign moving along, still make it to class, do my homework, and prep for tonight’s last KU Ad Club meeting I need to keep things brief. At the end of the week, I will have a public Google Hangout though for ANYONE and EVERYONE to join the conversation, hear from me about the campaign and if I’ve taken any job offers. I’m excited about this opportunity and thank you for being a part of it!